Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association

Free Lessons for Active Duty Military Personnel and ROTC Cadets

Free Lessons for Active Duty Military Personnel and ROTC Cadets

Established in 1979

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Wing Chun Technique Practice

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Wing Chun Technique Practice
Old Picture of Wing Chun Students
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A Chinese Martial Arts School Specializing in Wing Chun Kung Fu

Sifus Posing with a Wing Chun Master Statue
Dinner with Wing Chun Masters
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Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association, also known as the original Orange County Wing Chun Association (OCWingChun), is a Chinese martial arts school open to students worldwide. Our team of experienced and highly skilled instructors, led by Bak Fu Sifu, teaches Wing Chun kung fu. Learning this Southern Chinese kung fu style helps develop your self-defense skills, allows you to better understand Chinese culture, and even relieves stress.

Please note that we do not recommend setting up local meet-up groups for learning Wing Chun. Instead, we advise that interested students find a school (“kwoon”) and become its loyal members to progress within the martial art.

Private lessons are available by appointment only.

Free classes are on Monday & Thursday Evenings. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment!
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Wing Chun Group Picture in China
Wing Chun Group Temple Picture in China
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