Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association

Free Lessons for Active Duty Military Personnel and ROTC Cadets

Free Lessons for Active Duty Military Personnel and ROTC Cadets

About the Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association

In Memoriam

Wing Chun Master Black and White Picture

G.M. Yip Man (R.I.P.)

Master Wong

G.M.  Wong Long Ching

Sifu Yeung

G.M. Yeung Biu (R.I.P.)

“It is with great sadness that I pass this information to you that Grandmaster Robert Yeung has passed away September 3, 2009. He has inspired me everyday since 1977. Every breath has been Wing Chun since we met. A loss of enormous magnitude to all of us he touched in this world. Thank God he was our Sifu and a great friend. Our condolence to all he knew and loved.


Bak Fu”

At The Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association, we follow a Hawaiian motto, “Holopono me ka lokahi,” which means, “Move forward with righteousness and unity.”


“Woe to the man who throws the first blow” or “ku’i’akahi” – It is not a righteous act, and the god of lua, Ku’i-a-lua (literally, “the second blow”) will not support it. Honor lies with those who rise to such a challenge, and Ku’i-a-lua will respond to their call for help….”


Lua: Art of the Hawaiian Warrior, Page 10 (Bishop Museum Press)


Our religious beliefs differ from those who practiced the Hawaiian martial art of “Lua.” However, the Koa Mana or “Warrior Spirit” is cultivated in our Chinese (now American) martial art style. Our school’s head instructor, Bak Fu Sifu, graduated from the University of Hawaii ROTC “Koa” (Warrior) Battalion. He respects and honors Hawaiian warriors, who, like Chinese migrants, are now part of the US. We are always thankful for their fighting spirit and the culture they added to our country.


The Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association is a family-owned-and-oriented “closed-door” Chinese martial arts school (“kwoon”). Wing Chun is a true Shaolin kung fu style passed down to the late G.M. Yip Man. He then passed it on to G.M. Wong Long Ching, who currently lives and teaches Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) in Hong Kong.


G.M. Wong Long Ching, G.M. Wong Tock, and G.M. Wong Shun Leung taught G.M. Yeung Biu (Yeung Tin Yao). G.M. Yeung was one of the last persons who received G.M. Yip Man’s approval to teach Wing Chun in Hong Kong prior to his death in 1972. In 1971, G.M. Yeung immigrated to Honolulu, and was introduced as Sifu to Stanley Au Sifu’s students before opening his own school two years later.


In 1978, during her residence in Hawaii, Mrs. Diane “Simo” Vasquez became a student of G.M. Yeung as well. She became the first woman to be promoted to Advanced Student Blue-Shirt Black-Sash with 2 Blue Stripes.


By 1977, Masters Bobby Cheng, Robert Tome, Donald Swain, and John DiVirgilio were the principal instructors of Yeung Sifu’s kwoon at the Armed Forces YMCA in Honolulu. Master John DiVirgilio served as Chief Instructor for many years before succeeding G.M. Yeung Sifu as the Chairman of the Hawaii Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association in 1996. Master DiVirgilio and Bak Fu were daily training partners in college, and their “Si-Dai Si-Hing” (“younger brother, elder brother”) relationship continues to this day.

Bak Fu Sifu is available by appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for private or group lessons. Mon & Thurs from 5:30pm-7:00pm are our current free classes. All students are required to sign a legal waiver and be willing to be interviewed. Please note that private lessons run from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Call Sifu Jan Ignacio for information about his class held at the University of California, Irvine’s Anteater Recreation Center every Friday, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Call Sifu Dan Earhart for information about his classes. He is also available for private and small group lessons.

Please note that private lessons and seminars are available upon request. Classes for children under 12 are also available by appointment, granted the participants get their parents’ consent.


During our classes, beginners are separated into small groups to develop their basic skills first. Small and large group practices are combined and include contact and non-contact drills. Graduate Black Shirt instructors (Sifus) will assist Bak Fu Sifu.

Sifu Directory

Alan R. "Bak Fu" Vasquez Sifu's Orange County Wing Chun Assoc.***

OCWCA-Certified Black Shirt Instructors

  • Aton, Reed Lanakila Ke Kai*
  • Bailey, J. III “Saat Sau”*
  • Cavaliere, Jason*
  • Cheverier, Dustin*
  • Dagum, Jessica*
  • Dawod, Abdelhameed*
  • De La Torre, Gus*
  • Dradowski, Chris*
  • Duperroy, Jonathan (USMC)*
  • Earhart, Dan*
  • Erdal, Kaan*
  • Foster, David* (USA)
  • Hall, Don III*
  • Hay, Garrett*
  • Harper, Devin*
  • Her, Vang*
  • Hicks, Lisa Ann K.M. Vasquez*
  • Hill, Matthew*
  • Ho, Jason*
  • Honan, Sven*
  • Ignacio, Jan (USA)*
  • Jones, Kevin (USA)*
  • Jones, Mike*
  • Johnson, Michael*
  • Kenmore, Sean*
  • Kott, Kyle*
  • LaVertu, Denis John*
  • La Zara, Ken*
  • Lei, Ryan*
  • Lieu, Kaahn
  • Lightfoot, Matthew (USMC)
  • Lopez, Sergio*
  • Maccarone, Scott*
  • Malufau, Shaka (USA)*
  • McGrath, John P.*
  • McWhorter, Kevin (USMC)
  • Nomady, Mark D.*
  • Ng, Gladys*
  • Nguyen, Brendan*
  • Nguyen, Dinh*
  • Nguyen, Khoa
  • Penczek, Chris*
  • Phillips, Kevin*
  • Pope, Tyler*
  • Ramirez, Illana*
  • Ramirez, Lawrence*
  • Rey, Cory*
  • Saiki, Kirk*
  • Shroff, Saket*
  • Soheili, Mehdi*
  • John, William Bo*
  • Sultan, Saad*
  • Tagawa, Eugene*
  • Trieu, Thomas*
  • Vang, Her*
  • Varela, Jonathan*
  • Vasquez, Charles Travis*
  • Vasquez, David A.K.*
  • Vasquez, Diane L.*
  • Vaughn, Edwin*
  • Williams, Alex*
  • Wilson, Austin M
  • Winters, Brian*
  • Wong, Lee Sing*
  • Wong, See Yuen Nicole*

Blacksash Graduates

  • Aton, Reed Lanakila Ke Kai
  • Saat Sau
  • Brightwell, Casey
  • Bunn, Andrew
  • Cavaliere, Jason
  • Cheverier, Dustin
  • Dagum, Jessica
  • Dawod, Abdelhameed
  • Degeneffe, Kenneth (USA)
  • De La Torre, Gus
  • Dradowski, Chris
  • Duperroy, Jonathan (USMC)
  • Earhart, Dan
  • Erdal, Kaan
  • Foster, David (USA)
  • Gifford, Joshua (USA)
  • Gooding, Shane (RIP**)
  • Glidden, Sean
  • Hall, Don III
  • Harper, Devin
  • Hay, Garrett
  • Her, Vang
  • Hill, Matt
  • Ho, Jason
  • Ho, Tom
  • Honan, Sven
  • Ignacio, Jan (USA)
  • Johnson, Jerry
  • Johnson, Michael
  • Jones, Kevin (USA)
  • Jones, Mike
  • Kenmore, Sean
  • Kott, Kyle
  • Landestoy, Augusto
  • LaVertu, Denis John
  • La Zara, Ken
  • Lei, Ryan
  • Lieu, Kaahn
  • Lightfoot, Matthew (USMC)
  • Lopez, Sergio
  • Maccarone, Scott
  • Malufau, Shaka (USA)
  • Mannix, Robert
  • McGrath, John P.
  • McWhorter, Kevin (USMC)
  • Nomady, Mark D.
  • Ng, Gladys
  • Nguyen, Brandon
  • Nguyen, Dinh
  • Nguyen, Khoa
  • Penczek, Chris
  • Phillips, Kevin
  • Pope, Tyler
  • Proutry, Eric
  • Ramerez, Illana
  • Ramirez, Lawrence
  • Rasborn, Michael
  • Rey, Cory
  • Saiki, Kirk
  • Schroff, Saket
  • Soheili, Mehdi
  • John, William Bo
  • Sultan, Saad
  • Trieu, Thomas
  • Varela, Jonathan
  • Vasquez, Charles Travis
  • Vasquez, David Alan
  • Vasquez, Diane L.
  • Vasquez, Lisa Ann
  • Vasquez, Samantha
  • Vaughn, Edwin
  • Williams, Alex
  • Wilson, Austin M.
  • Winters, Brian
  • Wong, Lee Sing
  • Wong, See Yuen Nicole

*Certified instructor of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong.

**In memory of our brother, Shane Gooding, whom we lost to cancer.

***Adam Williss is not recognized as a Wing Chun Sifu and has been removed from our lineage. This list does not reflect graduates who are no longer respected or associated with Bak Fu Sifu.